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5 Moving Day Tips – Residential

We all know it, moving day is stressful. Whether you hire a moving company or get your friends and family to help, how do we get the process to go smoothly and efficiently? Here are 5 moving day tips for those moving out of their residence.

Be Present When Your Belongings Are Packaged and Picked Up

If you have hired movers to come package and pick up your things, it is important that you be there when this is happening. The movers will give a list of all your belongings, you have to make sure all your items are on the list so if anything is lost or damaged you have protection.

Help the Friends and Family that help You Move

It’s hard enough to get friends and family to help you move.  Make it easy on them and package your items before they arrive. This means having everything ready so all they have to do is grab boxes and furniture. Have plans laid out for the bigger furniture so you aren’t struggling to get it out of your residence. Provide food and drink for them, they are sacrificing their time to help, it’s the least you can do!

Clear a space for the Moving Truck

Before the day of the move make sure to reserve a spot for the moving truck. This will help out everyone, including if you hire movers by giving a closer more accessible spot which is key for a smooth move. Many times in extremely busy areas, it is also good to notify your neighbors or anyone else who needs to know that there will be a truck in the way the next day as a courtesy.

Take All Personal Documents and Expensive Jewelry with You

Your moving day will be crazy, make sure to put your personal documents and jewelry in a special spot so you can take it with you personally. Losing these belongings can come at a great cost of money and time to recover.

Cleaning After the Movers

More often than not you have to clean for the new residents of your place. Many times, people are so overwhelmed by the moving day, they completely forget about this step. Buy all the cleaning material you will need in advance so you can just jump in and get the chore over with.

Liberty Residential Moving

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