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Moving Antiques

Moving can be a time-consuming and challenging event. Whether you plan to pack everything yourself or hire a team of professionals, you want to have confidence each item will arrive at the new location and in the same condition as when it left. This is particularly true when the items to be moved have an irreplaceable value, such as fine art, antiques and family heirlooms.

From large furniture pieces to smaller yet ornate decorations, these priceless items have a storied history, as well as personal importance. Along with being valuable for their rarity and beauty, your antiques most likely have sentimental value for you as well. These special items deserve unique care at all times to stay in the best possible condition — but the right care is especially important when your antiques need to be moved.

In order to ensure careful transport of your vintage treasures, you’ll want to begin by creating a thorough inventory of your antiques, including details about each item’s origin, materials and approximate value based on an expert appraisal. This inventory should be accompanied by photographs taken from all sides of each item, which will establish condition before the move.

Key Steps on Moving Antiques

Other key steps to ensure the safe transport of your antique valuables include researching proper packing and securing for the various items (especially providing them with surface, shock and outer protection), using the right safe moving techniques, and potentially purchasing liability coverage.

One of the best ways to be confident that your vintage pieces and priceless collectibles make the move safely is to hire a team of professional, experienced movers. At Liberty Moving, we specialize in moving your valued antiques, art, and heirlooms. Our many years of experience set us apart from our competition, which simply doesn’t have the background that we have.

Issue Free Transportation of Your Antiques

Liberty Moving has the expertise to ensure issue-free transportation of all of your most important belongings for your small or large, residential or commercial move. With the knowledge and skills of our team, you can rest assured that your priceless antiques, heirlooms and art are in safe hands, from packing to their new destination.

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