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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Office Relocation

1) Underestimating the process involved with an Office Relocation

Moving is pretty straight forward and obvious, but having your steps planned out assures nothing will be forgotten and cause valuable time for your company and the staff involved.

Steps you should take:

  • Assign moving roles among staff
  • Determine your existing inventory
  • Create a timeline for your move
  • Make a floorplan for the new workspace

2) Not Relocating at the Proper time

First you want to make sure you start the process early enough, this is usually 6-12 months in advance to allow enough time to manage all the different tasks that are involved in the moving process. Try to plan your move during what you think will be a down time for the company so you have fewer people in the office, and so business process don’t become interrupted.

3) Not Engaging in Proper Help

As a professional moving company, we have been witness to many occasions where we have been called in because the move was poorly planned out. Moving in-house causes stress on all the employees, is time-consuming, and sometime can cause expensive mistakes that could have otherwise been avoided. Perks of hiring a professional moving company are as follows:

  • Your employees will spend time doing work for the company processes instead of moving, hence you don’t lose valuable work hours.
  • Many times professional moving pays for itself based on work hours that would have been spent by your staff in the move.
  • Professional moving companies can combine their knowledge and understanding of the client’s priorities, come up with an expert plan, and avoid any critical mistakes you could have made without them.

Liberty Moving Can Help

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