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Helpful Tips for your Residential Household Move

When you begin the packing process for your household move, it can be really difficult to estimate how many boxes you will need to store all of your belongings. Without the proper guidance, packing can be a frustrating process! Here are some helpful tips that will help you choose the right packaging for your belongings.

Folded Clothes

Clothing that is already stored in dresser drawers should be kept there as long as the dresser’s weight isn’t too much. Make sure to remove items that could break and be sure to secure the drawers to keep them from opening during the move. Extra clothing or heavier items like sweatshirts and jeans should be packed up in suitcases or medium sized boxes.

Hanging Clothes

These clothes can either be transported in the car without protection or you can purchase wardrobe boxes that will help protect your higher value clothing from damage during your household move.


All dishes can be packed in dish barrels which are specifically made for keeping your fragile china safe. Plates, bowls and saucers should be wrapped individually and serve as the bottom layer within the box. Smaller items such as figurines should be wrapped and make up the top layer. Small kitchen appliances can be packaged in these boxes as well.


Any paintings, pictures, glass table tops, and mirrors should be completely wrapped and placed in a mirror sized casing.

Small Items

This could include books, tools, spices, liquor and cookware. These items can be placed in small boxes. The heavier items should be placed in a box that is properly marked so that your residential moving company is aware of the weight.

Larger Items

These items generally will not fit in medium and small boxes. This could be Furniture, Desks, and lamps. These items you should trust with a professional moving company. Finding a company that is properly licensed as well as experienced will be important in the safekeeping of your larger items during your household move.

Some other tips for a more efficient move:

  1. Remember, try and avoid filling boxes that are beyond 40 pounds, both for the structural integrity of the boxes as well as for the sake of your professional movers.
  2. Make sure to label all boxes on both sides with the contents name as well as which room the items belong in for a more efficient move-in process.
  3. Be sure to tape all of your boxes!
  4. The last thing to pay attention to is that all of your boxes are properly packed. Try and not leave too much space within the box for items to shake around and possibly break. Be sure to fill your boxes to the top and cushion with lots of paper.


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