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Long Distance Moving Tips

A long distance move can be a big process. Start your planning pre-move to help you avoid pitfalls along the way. Whether you’re planning your first long distance move ever, or need a guide to help ensure your next move goes as planned, use these tips from the experienced movers at Liberty Moving.

Downsize Pre-Move

Downsizing helps with the efficiency of the move. Instead of moving all of the junk you’ve been meaning to get rid of, take the time before the move to sort through your belongings and see what you can sell, give away, or trash. Things like large pieces of furniture, old clothes, and anything being stored in the garage or basement will help lower the overall costs of long distance moving. Also, selling these items in a garage sale or other means can provide some revenue to further help fund the move. If you want to make the process extremely convenient, reach out to the salvation army and other charities that will pick up the items from your house.

Book Hotels or Flying Pre-Move

If your long distance move requires you to schedule a hotel stay or a flight, you will almost always save money booking in advance.

Pick A Company Specializing in Long Distance Moving

Do your research and make sure to pick a company that specializes in long distance moving. Avoid large oversized companies that have heaps of trucks to maintain because they use inflated prices in order to pay for them. For an example, here at Liberty Moving, we always give a flat rate quote and we are always able to beat the oversized trucking companies by a healthy margin.

Properly Insuring Belongings during Long Distance Moving

Long distance moving is a high-risk process and having the proper coverage on your belongings is highly encouraged. Make sure to find a company that is highly experienced at long distance moving and can help make sure you are properly insured. Accidents can and do happen, and having insurance could save you 10’s of thousands of dollars depending on the insurance and property that is involved.

Unloading Belongings with Care After Your Long Distance Move

Unloading your belongings can be one of most difficult parts of the move. Traveling a long distance can make it that much harder to get everything into your new home. Hire a company that has the long distance moving experience and provides care when putting furniture and other large items into the house. This will help you avoid getting dings or marks in your new home.

For more tips on how to save money during your long distance move and for experienced residential or commercial moving services, contact Liberty Moving in Birmingham, AL, today!

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