It’s time for your office to move locations, and you’ve been appointed to oversee the move: what do you do? You can reach out to a professional mover for help, of course, but you’ll benefit from being prepared from the start.

We’ve compiled some tried-and-true ways to be a great leader in the event of an office move.

Make Checklists

Since you’ve been appointed to be in charge, you’ll need to grasp every facet of the move. As people lean on you for support and direction, it’s imperative you know the progress of each piece of the moving puzzle.

Create checklists and be proactive about marking them off as things start and finish. If your office is small and you can feasibly look through your belongings, you might start by creating a checklist of items that you may want to keep or purge. If the list is too large to keep track, you’ll need to rely on a professional.

Store your checklists in a moving binder that you can refer to at any point.

Include in your binder:

  • Inventory of office items to be moved (if possible)
  • Moving companies quotes and estimates
  • Receipts of any purchases for the move
  • Measurements of your new location
  • Any other incidentals related to your move

Your binder will serve as the touchpoint for move-related activities. Depending on the complexity of your move, you might also elect to make a second binder as a copy in case of emergency.

Prepare Logistics

One month before your move, you’ll want to contact all utilities and confirm any moving permits. You’ll also want to complete an office floor plan and assign new offices and phone numbers.

Two weeks before your move, you’ll need to back-up computers, disconnect computer components and prepare them for storage. Additionally, you should begin packing nonessentials and inspect the new building.

Finally, a week before your move, disconnect all office equipment and completely clean out all cabinets, supply closets and offices. If your office has a break room or kitchen, you’ll also want to clean out the refrigerator (and freezer) and dispose of any leftovers or perishables. Itemize, pack and store all kitchen appliances provided by the company that will travel to the new location.

Be Calm

It can be daunting to be the appointed leader of an office move. However, if you prepare and plan ahead, you should be more than capable of ensuring success come moving day. Keep in mind that accidents and unplanned events will happen, so instead of overextending yourself, understand that things may go awry, and that’s a normal expectation of a move.

As long as you’re calm and prepared, you’ll be a great leader. You got this!

Moving can be stressful, but trusting a qualified mover to transport your valued belongings doesn’t have to be. At Liberty Moving, our trained staff each have a minimum of five years of moving experience, so you can rest assured your moving day is in good hands. Contact us today to get a free, commercial on-site estimate, and take the worry out of your next move.