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Preparing Your Employees For An Office Move

As the leader of your organization, you set the precedent for your business operations. So, in the wake of an office move, you’ll need to be prepared and ready to lead your team through the complicated, and oftentimes tricky, nuances of commercial moving.

Are you prepared? Read below for  some tips on how to prepare your employees (and yourself) for a corporate move.


Clearly and articulately speak to your staff about your impending move. An office move not only affects your business operations, but also your staff: how will their lives change as a result of your move?

Think through possible scenarios that affect your staff and provide guidance on how to avoid stress and potential problems. Be completely transparent in your goals and reasoning for the move and how it can be a benefit to your company (and conversely, any potential hurdles your company and staff may face).

These scenarios include:

  • Jobs: How will this move affect job security? What will this mean for jobs moving forward?
  • Customers: How will this move affect your foot traffic? Will this mean an increase in customers, and if so, how should the staff respond?
  • Commute: A different office location means a different commute. This could mean potential consequences to employees. How will you address their needs and help them with commute time?

Employee Investment

Investing your employees in your move can lead to increased morale (and more hands to help). Instead of withholding your decisions, include your employees in small decisions that can make them feel a part of the team. Where should we put the new office furniture? What do you think about the new layout?

You can also elect to create small groups of employees who oversee parts of your move, ensuring the transition goes smoothly. Groups can encourage employees to raise concerns amongst peers and also have a direct input in your move.

Additionally, in preparing for your move, you can provide incentives and challenges for your employees to declutter their space(s). Free lunch for the office if they can clean out their offices by a certain date? Again, think through ways to include “buy-in” for your office to feel included and a part of the process.

Professional Help

Of course, if you’re overseeing a large corporation or office and require a significant amount of help, professional movers are a great option. You pay upfront for the service, but rest assured that the professional moving company will meet expectations for a simple, stress-free move.

Before investing in a professional mover, however, do research on their qualifications and how they can address the needs of your move. Never settle for a mover that isn’t transparent with their rates, that isn’t certified or doesn’t have the necessary equipment to handle the move.


As the leader of your organization, it’s important to build company morale throughout your office move. Keep your employees and staff informed on how the move affects them and keep them invested through company buy-ins and decisions.

And if you get stuck, you can always rely on a professional mover.

Moving can be stressful, but trusting a qualified mover to transport your valued belongings doesn’t have to be. At Liberty Moving, our trained staff each have a minimum of five years of moving experience, so you can rest assured your moving day is in good hands. Contact us today to get a free, commercial on-site estimate, and take the worry out of your next move.

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