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Prepping for an Office Move? Use These Tips to Keep Your Electronics Safe

Not only does your office rely on electronics, but these fragile devices can be costly to replace if damaged or destroyed. It’s probably the part of a move that our customers dread the most! But really, with just a couple of tips and a good checklist, it won’t be as bad as you’re probably imagining.

So, as you prepare to move your office, you’ll need to extra precaution to make sure your office electronics, including computers, tablets, and televisions, are protected.

Make a List

Before you begin your moving process, make a list of all your devices and the accompanying cords and accessories. After your move, create another list and compare the before-and-after. Is everything accounted for?

With a list for each step, you’ll have a clearer understanding of all your valuables, how they’ve been transported, and the additional items you’ll need for reassembly.

Gather Your Materials

In an ideal world, everyone would keep the product manual and original boxes for their electronics (which are designed to fit electronics correctly and safely). However, boxes and manuals can be misplaced in the fervor of your move, so it’s best to prepare the common essentials.

Begin collecting:

  • Sturdy, thick-walled cardboard boxes
  • Bubble wrap (or newsprint)
  • Packing tape
  • Twist ties
  • Permanent markers
  • Colored tape
  • Scissors

Use Colored Tape to Distinguish Cords

As you disassemble your electronic devices with numerous cords, place colored tape on each cord and the coordinating color where the cord connects to your device.

Additionally, if your office has a significant amount of electronics to move, you might elect to take pictures of each one of your electronic devices with the correct cords plugged in — taped with colored stickers if needed — to give you a guide for when you begin reassembly (in case taping each device becomes too tedious).

Combine Accessories

Keeping your accessories together in sealable bags will keep you from stressing over misplaced items. Tie cables, wires and other accessories with twist ties and place in plastic bags. Place these bags in the same box as the device they belong to.

Place in Boxes

Use heavy-duty cardboard boxes for your electronics. Make sure they’re structurally sound and don’t have dents, scrapes or other problems before storing your electronics. Also make sure to only place one electronic device in each box (including the necessary accessories).

Only wrap electronics in anti-static, clean paper or linen. Other materials may cause dust damage to your devices.

Once placed, seal the box with packing tape. Label each box with a marker and also categorize the boxes as “fragile” or “this side up” depending on the device.

Also, to reduce unwanted attention from potential thieves, place high-value, expensive electronics in unmarked boxes and keep them out of view.

Keep Cool

Electronics are sensitive and can be damaged in extreme heat (or cold). If you’ll be storing your electronics in a storage facility or unit for an extended period during your move, only use units that are climate-controlled. Research different storage options and ask upfront about facility conditions and how your valuables will be stored.


Moving can be stressful, but trusting a qualified mover to transport your valued belongings doesn’t have to be. At Liberty Moving, our trained staff each have a minimum of five years of moving experience, so you can rest assured your moving day is in good hands. Contact us today to get a free, commercial on-site estimate, and take the worry out of your next move.

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