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Move Smarter with These 5 Tricks for Business Moves

Moving your business is incredibly stressful: not only do you need to prepare for your move, but you’ll lose valuable business in your downtime. How do you simplify the moving process while ensuring your business doesn’t suffer?

We’ve rounded up tips and tricks to make sure your business move is successful — without the unwanted stress.

Invest in Qualified Movers

Like we’ve said before, hiring a professional moving company streamlines your move. A hiring company will handle your logistics and valuables while providing key support throughout the entire process.

Reach out to commercial movers months in advance of your move. Ask for quotes and proof of insurance. Compile a game plan for your valuables to give the movers in advance of your moving day(s), so they can adequately prepare for any incidentals that might occur.

Donate (or Throw Away)!

In advance of your move, you might consider parting ways with old technology or office equipment, including: printers, copiers, PCs, office furniture and even office supplies. Don’t pay more for equipment you don’t need: use this preparatory time to consolidate your office items, so the move will be simpler, and ultimately, quicker.

As a bonus, when you donate to charity, you’ll not only recycle unwanted items but receive a tax break for your contribution — a win/win all around.

Create a Logistics Checklist

Is your internet working in your new location? Have you received the correct permits for your new space? Are the phones working?

Creating a checklist for before and after your move will safeguard against the wrong, lost or overlooked tasks. On your checklist, include tasks to be done in advance and tasks to be completed once you’ve moved. Also include supplies you’ll need, and if you plan to unpack, what you need to unpack strategically to keep business moving.

Notify Your Customers

Tell your customers you’re moving! A good practice is to notify your customers at least three times before you actually move, so customers are aware that you’ve relocated. This is especially crucial for brick-and-mortars where customer foot traffic is necessary for business.

Additionally, update your social media pages and business listings to reflect your move. Most business searches happen on mobile, so it pays to keep your listing updated.

Prepare for (Minor) Problems

Although we suggest renting a commercial mover and preparing a checklist, be aware that things can go wrong. Be flexible in following your checklist and allow some breathing room for things to happen that you didn’t plan for. Although your moving company will mitigate most problems, it’s normal to have something come up that might sidetrack you momentarily.

Understanding that moving is a complicated process and allowing yourself to breathe through the small problems that can occur will help you in the long run. It’s all a part of the process.



Moving can be stressful, but trusting a qualified mover to transport your valued belongings doesn’t have to be. At Liberty Moving, our trained staff each have a minimum of five years of moving experience, so you can rest assured your moving day is in good hands. Contact us today to get a free, commercial on-site estimate, and take the worry out of your next move.

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