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You Need a Commercial Mover, but Have You Done Your Research?

Moving is never easy. We get caught up in daydreams of our business in a new location, but getting there can often lead to headaches and broken valuables. It’s essential to invest in a moving company, but how do you make the right choice?

A qualified, commercial moving company will streamline your business transition, handling the heavy lifting and logistics of complicated moves with an experienced team of professional movers (not college students).

However, not every moving company is created equal. Below are tips you should consider when hiring a moving company to transport your valuables.

Years in the Business

Experience is crucial for a qualified, commercial moving company. A newer company won’t have as much oversight of the necessary steps for a successful move as a company with decades of experience. There are many industries that benefit from a younger perspective, but in this case, it’s best to stick with tried-and-true professional movers.

Be diligent in your research in finding companies that have many years of moving experience. If you’re unsure about a company, call them and ask for more information. An inexperienced moving company could lead to a significant financial risk, so it pays to follow-up on a company’s credentials.

Licensed Professionals

Don’t invest in movers that aren’t licensed and insured; otherwise you’re no better off asking anyone with a large truck to transport your property. A licensed and insured moving company is legally bound to protect your valuables.

Movers are required to register with the U.S. Department of Transportation for interstate moves. Once registered, they’re given a unique USDOT number. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has compiled a database of licensed, insured movers with valid USDOT numbers, so you can ensure a company is legally prepared to assist with your move.

For intrastate moves, regulations are determined per state, so research intrastate licensing laws in your state, and then confirm your moving company follows those regulations.

Suited to Your Needs

Every move has unique demands. As you prepare for your move, compile a list of questions that are tailored to your specific business. Is the company able to accommodate your needs?

Questions can include asking if the company can provide additional packing supplies (for free or additional cost) or if the company has a moving truck suited to transport your valuables comfortably and safely. Additionally, are they capable of picking up and delivering your belongings in a time window that is convenient for your schedule?


Almost all movers will provide a general rate for moving services over the phone, based on number of movers and hours needed to complete your move. However, this often is a base rate and doesn’t include the various factors that will increase your rate, including additional packing materials or incidental fees.

Make sure to ask upfront what constitutes an additional fee. If a company isn’t transparent or can’t provide a definite answer, move on.

Positive Reviews

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to read reviews and testimonials on movers. Is your potential moving company highly-rated? What are people saying about it on Facebook? Google? Although a company might have a stellar website, it’s good practice to get insight on the company from an unfiltered perspective across all channels.

If there’s a trend of unsatisfied customers, it’s best to move on. Invest in movers that are invested in their customers’ satisfaction – and rectifying bad experiences.

Invested in Employees

Qualified, commercial movers almost always have a team of trained professional movers, usually with more than five years of experience. Avoid companies that hire young college students for summer help, which often means their employee base is inexperienced and unprepared for commercial moves.

Also take notice of any reviews that mention poor employee interaction or high turnover. High turnover usually signals that a company isn’t providing enough incentive for a worker to stay with the company, which means quality can be inconsistent or below average.

Moving can be stressful, but trusting a qualified mover to transport your valued belongings doesn’t have to be. At Liberty Moving, our trained staff each have a minimum of five years of moving experience, so you can rest assured your moving day is in good hands. Contact us today to get a free, commercial on-site estimate, and take the worry out of your next move.

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