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Planning Your Commercial Move

There’s a lot at stake when you plan a business move to an unfamiliar address and it requires high level organizational skills. There are several steps that you must consider before the actual move such as: finding a top-rate commercial mover, letting customers and venders know about the move, Inventory, equipment and safeguarding documents.

Handling it all is usually too big a job for one person. Assign tasks to key employees. Finding an experienced commercial moving company early to help plan the process is crucial. When your business is ready to move forward with a complete business move, what do you need to keep in mind?


Hire Experienced Commercial Movers

Not all Birmingham, AL moving companies are equipped to handle a commercial business move. You’ll want to make sure your moving company has the equipment and experience to handle property, merchandise, delicates, and other sensitive customer records.

Packing and Unpacking – We do that!

Moving a commercial business will require expert packing and unpacking. The last thing you want is damaged merchandise, adding onto cost for your company move. They must arrive at your new location in perfect condition. Don’t leave the packing to employees. Your staff’s expertise lies elsewhere.

Liberty Moving’s team is trained on how to hand confidential documents and other valuable items. We’ll put together a strategic plan for packing, moving, storing and securing your belongings and property. We can also appoint a supervisor to oversee the process.

Create a Moving Schedule

Mark the day of your re-opening on the calendar for you and your employees. That’s the day when everything has to be in place and ready for your customers. If you work backwards from that date, it will allow ample time for everything that needs to get done. Work from a master to-do list. Make sure all employees are aware of due dates for specific tasks.

Ask for input from your employees and your commercial moving company. This way you can establish the time needed to complete various tasks.

Assigning Moving Details

Acquire help from your staff. Assign a team lead to head up the organization of the commercial business move. The team lead will delegate work to the other employees. All items should be assigned to someone on the team.

Create the Floor Plan

Have a place for everything you’re moving. With a plan in place, your commercial moving company can unpack and place items in their newly dedicated location. Moving heavy items to specific location will save you a great deal of work later on. If it’s not possible to get everything in its proper spot, Liberty Moving can help you set up a staging area. Liberty Moving offers convenient on-site moving services if needed.

Liberty Moving is a 5 star rated commercial moving company in Birmingham, AL serving all surrounding areas such as: Homewood, Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Trussville, Pelham, Alabaster, Chelsea, and Hoover. We are friendly, careful and experienced. Contact Liberty Moving for a free moving estimate on your Commercial Move today!

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