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Experienced Drivers Vs. Unexperienced Drivers


Spring is almost here and with it comes one of the peak seasons for residential moving. Whether you’re downsizing and moving a few miles up the street or across the country to another state hundreds of miles away, relocating to a new home is stressful.

Hiring a moving company can help remove a lot of that stress, but unless you hire experienced drivers, your move could end in disaster. Liberty Moving only hires experienced drivers with a minimum of five years experience. Here’s why:

They Have the Know-How to Get the Job Done

Experienced drivers understand how to properly handle everything from heavy and bulky items to oddly shaped furniture pieces and fragile knickknacks. They even know the proper technique for transporting sensitive electronic items, such as big screen televisions and computer equipment and can safely move them from your old place, onto the truck and into your new home.

They Have the Right Equipment

According to WiseBread, one advantage to using experienced drivers is that they have the right tools for the job. That includes everything from having the right size truck to ensuring they have the correct hand tools for moving even your heaviest household items.

Safety Is Always First

Since they have already worked as movers for a number of years, experienced drivers have learned the best and most efficient moving techniques to ensure that your household items are safe, such as properly wrapping and padding items in a way that prevents them from shifting inside the boxes while they are loaded and transported.

Experienced drivers also understand how to carefully navigate furniture items through hallways and up or down staircases to avoid damaging both the item and the interior of the house.

Best Moving Practices

Since experienced drivers are familiar with the best packing and moving practices, they can carry out their jobs smoothly and without creating or leaving behind a big mess. Experienced drivers know to work as a team, and each one knows their role and what their responsibility is for getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Liberty Moving charges a flat rate of $98/hr for two men and one truck. Contact them today to discuss your moving needs.

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