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Long-Distance Moving

Moving across the street is a hassle, but moving across state lines or across the country is a huge undertaking. Some people underestimate the strain of this type of move until they’ve experienced it. Hiring professional movers is one simple way to lighten the load.

Factors to Consider

Preparing for a long-distance move requires lots of organization, and you should be braced for surprises.
  • Timing: You’ll have to coordinate your moving-out date at your old home, your moving-in date at the new place and the travel time it will take to get yourself and your belongings into your new home. For instance, if you ship your car or boxes to your new place, you don’t want them to arrive before you do.
  • Packing: Your belongings will spend a lot of time being jostled across bumpy roads, so you’ll want to use very sturdy materials, pack things tightly and cushion breakables.
  • Logistics: Turning off utilities at your old home, getting them connected at your new home, alerting contacts and the postal service about your new address, researching the health insurance options in your new state… there’s a lot to address. And if you have kids, you’ll also need to deal with school enrollment and finding a pediatrician and child care in your new area.
  • Unforeseen Events: What happens if the shipping pod you order is too small, or you injure your back the day before you planned to load up your rented moving truck? If you drive your own moving truck, how will you keep it secure overnight?

Why Hire Professional Movers

When you hire the right movers, they can pack your belongings securely while you deal with the other work of your move. They’ll provide the truck, do the heavy lifting, protect your belongings during the trip and meet you at the end of your long journey to unpack your things.
But not all movers are created equal, and not all are experienced with this type of job. At Liberty Moving, serving the Birmingham, AL, area, we specialize in residential long-distance moving. All of our professionals have a minimum of five years’ experience, and they know how to make this process run smoothly. And you can rest assured that only our employees will handle your belongings — we don’t outsource to third parties.

Liberty Moving Offers a Flat Rate

Long-distance moves come with enough surprises, which is why Liberty Moving offers a flat rate. We’ll tell you upfront what the job will cost, and that’s the price you’ll pay. No hidden costs, no last-minute surcharges, just one flat rate.
How can we help you make your next big move? Contact Liberty Moving today to find out!
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