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Heavy Machinery Moving

Heavy machinery is not only heavy, but this equipment is also both expensive and essential to the operation of your business. Because of this it is important that this equipment is treated with the utmost care to ensure that your investment is protected and properly cared for. This doesn’t just mean that you make sure that your staff is properly trained and the machines are maintained; This also means making sure that the movers that you select for this commercial moving job are trained and prepared to treat your machinery like it’s their own.

Where to Begin?

Heavy Machinery Moving

If you require heavy lifting equipment transport, then Liberty Moving is your go to moving solution! We focus on moving heavy equipment for all kinds of industries. At Liberty Moving, our heavy-machinery movers have years of experience in transporting many kinds of heavy equipment, and we specialize in moving heavy construction machinery.

Before moving any machines or equipment we carefully plan the job to ensure that we are thoroughly prepared to handle the relocation. Our attention to detail as well as the understanding of client’s expectations is second-to-none. We combine the right equipment, skills and expertise necessary for heavy equipment moving. This enables us to take on the most challenging machinery and equipment moving or relocation jobs.

Liberty Moving is more than a moving company. We’re a moving family!

Commercial Moving

At Liberty, “Your destination is our responsibility.”

Your Destination. Our Responsibility.

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