Office Movers

Liberty Moving storage and delivery specializes in commercial office moving. Our office movers are professionally trained and specialize in the process of moving office furniture and equipment in both large and small offices.

Moving Your Office – Where to Start?

With office moving, there is a plan and process that is put in place to make sure the move is safe, fast and efficient. So, where do you start to prepare your office for a move?

  1. Create a moving schedule – Mark the days you will be closed/partially closed due to the move for your employees and customers.
  2. Create a floor plan for Liberty Moving to help us plan where we are going to unpack all of the furniture and equipment that will be moved. We will come before the move to assess how we will move out all items out of your current office.
  3. Pack up loose items – this is anything that can potentially inhibit the movement of furniture and larger items out of the office.

Here are some helpful tips on your office move: Planning Your Commercial Move

Why Hire A Moving Company?

We all know that time is money, especially during an office move. Every minute you spend in a move, costs your company resources. If you have professional movers, your employees won’t waste time moving and can get back to work in a much more timely fashion. Liberty Moving is a licensed and insured moving company. If anything is damaged during a move with Liberty Moving you are covered, but if you decide to move yourself and your employees damage any items, your company will have to cover the cost.

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Office Packing

Wrapping, packaging, boxing, customized packing options. We will pack all items in your office for you!


Goods or belongings to be transferred, disassembly for necessary furniture, items or appliances. Let us load your rental trucks, POD’s or storage units with or without a full  service move from us.


Office relocation locally, intrastate, interstate, long distance or internationally. Our professional moving transport trucks are specifically designed for the security of your belongings.


Our professionals will safely unload your transferred goods or belongings. We will reassemble anything needing assembly, set and rearrange any all pieces to your liking. Let us unload your rental trucks, POD’s or storage units with or without a full service move from us.

Office Unpacking

Unpackaging of your boxed and/or wrapped items. We will unpack all items in your office for you!

Internal Moving

We also do interior or internal moving. This may mean pieces you need transferred from one area of your business to another.


Short or long term, overnight, between moves, with or without any other moving options. Customized storage options available. Private 24 hour protection.

Let us make your office move the easiest move you‘ll ever have! At Liberty, “Your destination is our responsibility.” (205­) 276­-0745